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We have worked with the students all year. Summer is the time for them to go all out for the Gospel on the East Coast, East Asia, and the Middle East.

As we look back on our time in the Twin Cities, we find many reasons to celebrate all that God has done. We have our sights set on France, so expect to hear more about it from now on!

Read Jacob's story as he wrestles with God and his own definitions of truth. You really can find new life on Spring Break!

The Lord has answered our prayers for a new techology expert to take Trent's place when we move to France. Start praying for Zach and some new volunteers!

Three new believers with unique stories. Pray that they would continue to grow in their faith as they celebrate their salvation!

Christmas Card from France!

November reading time.

The fall semester is always packed with events!  Please pray that we would take every opportunity to build relationships with students.

(Our favorite story to date!!) God is after a heart relationship with each individual on the planet, yet He makes each story unique!

We transition from a crazy summer to an action-packed fall semester.  There are many reasons to be excited for what God is doing around us - the first one being that He is the one at work!

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John 17:3

Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.