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aside from the booger-picking, she did well. (video from late April)

Or is it a Quiz-ia?

In light of her 17 months, here are 17 questions about Lydia.  I don't expect you to know these...the Wiglet is SO goofy... just have fun with it!  Copy/paste the questions into the comments, and leave your responses.  In 4 or 5 days I'll post the answers.  GOOD LUCK!!


What song does she want to sing when she says/does...

1. "ginga ginga"

2. "ehbow"

3. "baa baa yesh"

4. "aaybee"

5. fingertips all touching

6. hands together behind back

What action does she want to do when she says/does... 

7. "batch"

8. "wush"

9. "mump"

10. "goggle"

11. slaps my back with both hands

What food does she want when she says...

12. "meymey" 

13. "toh tohhh" (she says it in a whisper)

14. "ung" 

What object is she talking about when she says...

15. "moom" 

16. "guckee" (hint: near bedtime)

17. "dackdee" (hint: think farm)


Two bonus points (just cause they're funny!):  "neenee" and "bockee"  (two vegetables)

We made it to la France, but not without some bumps along the way.  God certainly paved the way for us to get here.  This video doesn't even mention that He first called us individually to France, changed our hearts completely, called us together, and provided the means to get there.

In route, on our 18 hour layover in Iceland when our rental car died, God provided a nice person to jump it.  Lastly, on the high-speed trains in France, we needed to get on and off two trains with NINE luggages, a baby, and a stroller.... in 60 seconds!  Yes, the train doors are only open for 60 seconds.  What a mess.  But God provided some kind people at every stop to help us.  And Trent jumped on at the end just as the doors were starting to close!  These are such funny memories for us!  Thanks for keeping in touch! :-)

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