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Written from Florida while we were at New Staff Training (we both joined official staff), Trent writes about sharing the gospel with students on the beach who prayed to recieve Christ!  Also in this issue is a way you can get involved in the Great Comission by answering emails from fervent seekers and some Biblical truths we learned in our seminary courses.

The Lord ends Tara's time at UW Madison with a bang: Sara decides to place her faith in Christ!  We also have a timeline with future outlook from Madison, to Minneapolis, to (hopefully) France within a couple years!  Lastly, there's a re-cap of the 'Bradley Bunch.'

The Lord had a surprise for us in Panama City Beach, FL, for our spring break evangelistic trip.  There was a French camera crew from a national news station that wanted to do a documentary on American alternative Spring Breaks!  Though they were not able to film our large-group meeting, they met Tara, who speaks French, and filmed her sharing the gospel with high school girls who didn't mind the camera.  Graciously, God drew them to Himself, and they prayed to receive Christ despite the cameras!

Trent gratuates from Herzing College and begins his application for Campus Crusade staff.  Tara had a rough month feeling disconnected from God, so He was at work teaching her more about prayer and His faithfulness.

God totally blessed our outreach "Porn Nation," which, to be honest, was a bit tricky to advertise.  Michael Leahy does this presentaion all over the nation, and at Madison it drew a larger crowd than the UW's largest theater has ever seen!  Thousands of students came, and hundreds indicated descisions to recieve Christ.  Also, God gave Tara's hometown friend and UW sophomore, Becky, a dream that led her to ask Tara about Him.  She is now a sister in Christ!

This issue features an International Christmas outreach in Madison- potluck style.  Many international students and families came.  Then, right after Christmas, we had the annual TCX (Twin Cities Xperience) conference.  Thousands of students from around the region came, worshipped, learned, fed the hungry, and dedicated their lives to stewardship with the Lord.

November means one thing for campus ministry workers: Christmas outreaches!  Tara did three of these in Bradley, where every woman in the dorm is invited to come for cookies, sharing Christmas traditions, and hearing about the real meaning of Christmas.  The gospel was preached, and four women indicated descisions for Jesus.  Many more left encouraging comments or asked for more information!

Here is a letter from Kim, who prayed to receive the gift of God's forgiveness just weeks before-hand.  God had prepared her before she met Tara by bringing her to a church for the first time in her life.  Wow!  It's quite a letter about how God changed her path forever through Tara and Fall Getaway.  Also, there are pictures from Fall Getaway, which was a huge success in building Christ-centered community.

Trent writes about God's provision through Christian faculty at his college.  Tara writes about an RA who is causing significant barriers in bringing the gospel to the all freshman dorm, Bradley.  But God makes a way, and Tara has met some friendly spiritually-seeking students!

God provides 100% of the finances needed for Tara's internship.  Trent is finishing up school, and attempting to start a ministry there.  They attend a "Leadership Advance" for all our student leaders shortly before school starts.  Then, the first time Tara goes to Bradley (her target-area dorm), she encounters the RA who gave Christians lots of problems last year.  Time to pray!!  At the first womens' Bible study, 15 girls show up, and about half had to sit on the floor!  Praise God!

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