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Cirque du Schaller

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others." 1 Peter 4:10


Have you ever been surprised by God’s faithfulness even when you’re lacking faith? Well Trent has, and this time it snuck up on him. For the past few years we have asked for more laborers on Trent’s team. Since Trent and May are the only full-time members of the technology team, it is easy for sudden challenges to turn into overwhelming problems. There is a backlog of small projects that would be great to tackle, if only we had the time. Jesus told his disciples to pray that laborers would be sent into the harvest. So we do pray, but who knows what will happen, right? That was how Trent felt over the years.

Stéphanie, a friend from church, started volunteering a few years ago. She is not only a mature believer, but a hard worker. She has taken on whole projects and just recently migrated one of our ministry web sites. Even one volunteer is a nice boost!

Hugo, the son of one of our French staff, has just finished college and is working his first job. He programs robotic machines, so he is not afraid of problem-solving and a little (or a lot) of code. Trent hung out with him for a single morning, and he helped figure out why Trent’s code was not having any effect on the server. Then he took on a new project to make a dozen of our web sites comply with new European privacy laws. It’s not glamorous stuff, but he keeps asking for more. Okay, that is two volunteers. This is going somewhere.

Ryan is an American and recent graduate who is spending a year with Agapé (Cru) in Paris reaching college students (a few hours from us in Rennes). His degree is in computer science, and when he heard that we have a “technology team,” his eyes lit up. He came to visit for a weekend and went right to work putting together code to manage our sports camp sign-ups. He is now able to give one day each week to help us with projects like this. Trent and May are outnumbered now! But God isn’t done providing yet...

Nicolas is a junior-high student from our church who needed a week-long internship for school. All he needed to do was watch us work and write a report. But testing our new conference video equipment sounded like more fun for everyone. In one day he learned and taught Trent how the equipment works (and how it doesn’t). Trent has loved sharing a passion for technology in missions with a young believer who just wants to know more about, well, everything!

So it looks like we have what we asked for: a small but growing number of people who love God and want to use their talents to share his love with the world. The impact this has on our team is fantastic. Trent is learning to take Jesus at his word as we keep praying for laborers. So how about it? Are you a geek with a little time on your hands? Do you know one? Shoot us an email and keep praying with us for laborers of all kinds!

Thank you for your prayers and support!
Love, Trent, Tara, Lydia, Rachel and Tessa

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Romans 8:11

And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you.