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“Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how.” Mark 4: 27


Do you ever see God at work, then that work seems to be snatched up by the thief? We were planning a second Discovery Group for the 14 people who wanted to learn more about Jesus. We were praying that this would be a regular event that could grow over time. Tara offered to host because several of the seekers live near us. Some of them seemed very excited about it. Sadly, it was cancelled because no one said they could come.

Mauricette told Tara via text that she’d rather meet with just her. Tara said, “sounds good! When?” She never answered. Marjo was impossible to get a hold of, nor did we see her in the building. Marie had to work again, Annie didn’t respond, and all the people Laurie contacted didn’t respond or said they were busy. We were disappointed. What had seemed like good soil was, in fact, rocky. Or the thief came and stole the seed. Or maybe that’s not for us to judge. God just asks us to spread seed, no matter what the soil. Almost none of these 14 people know each other. It would have been a neat mix of ages, nationalities, and backgrounds coming together to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Suddenly, it was looking like a flop. Tara spent weeks thinking about what we could have done differently, but over time, God brought her comfort. He is still at work, Bible study or not.

Tara got a random text from Marie one day saying, “Hey, if there are ever discussion groups about spiritual things, please don’t forget to invite me!” The following day Tara saw Marjo. She also asked when the next Discovery Group is! Tara was pretty surprised, and had to say, “Sorry, I don’t know if anyone is planning one. Maybe after the summer is over? But, you and I can talk anytime you’d like.” And we did. More on that later.

Eventually when Tara saw Mauricette in person she asked, “Hey would you want to have tea sometime, just you and me?” Mauricette said, “Sure, but I work a lot and we have doctor’s appointments, so I’ll text you a time that will work.” She didn’t, and we hardly saw her. Right before we left, she and Milo came over for dinner. That was lots of fun; they are so goofy together. We talked mostly about baby Sweet Pea and their marriage preparations (they got married on July 4th!) We asked why they were deciding to get married after being “paxéd” (a French contract for couples) for 40 years. Well, she’s very good at avoiding our questions. We never got an answer! Regardless, it’s a beautiful thing they’ve decided to do, hopefully understanding God’s purpose for marriage. Also, we learned that she reads her “Jesus Storybook Bible” every night and prays for us and many others. Milo keeps quiet about all spiritual things, but we can see that God’s at work, in big and small ways. Maybe the seed has not been snatched after all. “The seed sprouts and grows, though the farmer does not know how.” (Mark 4:27) Thanks for praying for all these friends!

Thank you for your prayers and support!
Love, Trent, Tara, Lydia, Rachel and Sweet Pea

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Jeremiah 31:31

"The time is coming," declares the LORD, "when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah.”