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Schaller Family News

Celebrating what the Lord did in 2017
and announcing a new blessing coming in 2018...

2017 Quoteboard

Rachel: Mama? Mama?
Tara: yes?
Rachel: you say "Yes, dear?"
Tara: ok.. yes, dear?
Rachel: May I have some pucker, pweese?
Tara: some what? pucker? Lydia, do you know what she's saying?
Lydia: She wants some stap-stick.

Lydia: Mama, will you come in here forever? And not Rachel?
Tara: Why not Rachel?
Lydia: It's just an's an opportunion.

Lydia singing: You are beautiful beyond the 'scription.. and I stand, I stand, in I love you. Homey God to whom all praise is due...

(Trent singing at bedtime)
Rachel: No singin, papa.
(Trent hums. Rachel grabs his lips)
Rachel: No hummin, papa!
Rachel: How 'bout we go fo-a walk?

Lydia to Trent: You look funny... because your hair looks like that and you have a nice shirt on. I like your clothes. Are you trying to be a cowboy?

Rachel from her crib: mamaaaaaa... Mama.. MAMA!...... Tay-wa!

Lydia shivers and points to her arm: I have duck bumps!

Rachel singing: The B-i-b-i-eeeee, Is that the book for meeee?...

Tara: Lydia, why are you so fantastic?
Lydia: Because God made me so fantastic.
Tara: Why are you so beautiful?
Lydia: Because God made me so beautiful.
Tara: Why are you so smart?
Lydia: Because I remember stuff.

Lydia (on a cold morning): Look! There's frosting all over the pine needles!

Rachel: But I want to... cause I want to... and you do not tell me no, Mama, cause (whispers and raises index finger) I. want. to.

Lydia: Mama, you're the carefulest Mama I've ever seen.
Tara: Okay, what do you mean by carefulest?
Lydia: Carefulest means you take care of us.. the best. Care-full-est.

Tara: who tooted?
Rachel's arm goes up
Tara: Rachel.. rooty tooter!
Lydia: Rooty tooter! Fruity fruiter! Mama, can we play the fruit toot song?
Tara: huh?....... oh! Tooty fruity!

Rachel sings: The Weensy Weensy Bider

Rachel: I see a hassgropper!

Lydia: What is ten sinus one? Nine!

Tara: I love you, little girl.
Rachel: I love you too, big Mama.

2017 Highlights from France

France celebrated a couple of neat things this year. In July, 1200 young Christians gathered together for a week of training and worship in Le Havre. We called it “Bouge ta France.” On the 14th (Bastille day), 8,000 French believers gathered in a stadium to pray for their country. That afternoon, speaker Nick Vujicic, who was born with no arms and no legs, spoke to a crowd of 10,000. In the crowd were some non-believers. It takes a lot of trust for a non-Christian to come to an event like that. At the end of his testimony, Nick said, “Anyone who wants to welcome Jesus into their lives, only those, please stand up.” Dozens of people stood up! Praise God!

We are also praising God for an expo this fall that was featured in nearly a hundred locations around Europe. It was called “500 Years Since the Reform,” and as you may have noticed from our newsletters, it allowed us many conversations about the Gospel with friends who were simply curious about what the Reform was. Considering we had many good conversations, we can’t imagine how many significant conversations were started all over Europe!


continues to move from project to project as we build infrastructure for our ministries in France and globally. Some highlights from the year include hosting the first Hackathon in France for believers around the world to collaborate on digital projects that help proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. Trent also helped start our first digital council as Agapé France moves towards maturity in digital strategies. We have launched new ministry tools and trained our missionaries how to use them. We have welcomed new full and part time French staff, and Trent is one of their first points of contact as he gets them set up with our communications and financial tools to help do their job well. Our prayer continues to be that God would raise up French nationals to reach this nation, and it is our privilege to train and equip them.


had a very encouraging year which kicked off with a conference for European missionary moms. When 40 young moms in desperate need of vacation gather on the coast of Spain in March, they have a good time! Another highlight has been getting to know our neighbors and playgroup better. Three people in our building know us well, love our girls, and enjoy chatting about their thoughts on God. Most recently, Marjolenn came to our church Christmas party to see the girls “dance.” Milo and Mauricette are still very dear to us, still ill, and still searching for truth. Mauricette recently said, “You are our joy and our life!” While that is flattering, we pray that they find joy in life in the One who can sustain them. Playgroup has been very neat this year. Each one of those families is opening up about their experiences in regards to faith. There are many on-going conversations within that group, and since we’re all from different countries, we see a lot of tolerance and a desire to understand others. Also, Tara does some graphic design for the ministry, but only when God says, ‘Yes, do this!” This summer, a friend gave us an encouraging image she gets when she prays for us: “The Gospel is going out like water in France, and it IS going deep. You just can’t see it yet.” Those words give us great hope, and it feels true. Trust is slowly but surely being built as God deepens these relationships.


turned 4 in August, which was her first birthday spent in the states. That was a real treat! She took swimming lessons and loved it. America was very friendly to her. In September Lydia started “moyenne section”(preschool). This year she does two half-days and two full days per week. At first it was a struggle because she could not articulate her thoughts like the others. Her class is also merged with the 5-year-old class. But after a month, her teacher said she’s smiling and talking a lot more. Her favorite time is recess. Her best friends are Louna (who was a God-send last year too) and Lemine (a 5-year-old boy from a sweet Muslim family just down the block.)

Lydia’s faith this year is growing rapidly and being challenged too. Christmas was temporarily confusing for her as she heard a variety of messages about what the holiday means. Overall, it was great to have some deep talks with her and be very honest with her. As she understands more about the world, we pray that her trust in Jesus and in us will be well-rooted.


turned 2 in October. The cuteness is in full force. We call her “Wigglemunch.” Everywhere we go, people are drawn to her. Rachel plays with Lydia’s classmates occasionally, and without fail, it becomes ten 4-year-olds chasing her, holding her hands, kissing her cheeks, and offering her dandelions. Some are truly smitten, and we watch as Rachel holds her own against their affectionate attacks. Rachel’s favorite things are play-doh, bananas, playing games Lydia invents, and hiding in bed so we can’t put pants on her. I’m hoping this isn’t a phase: she always says “thank you for making this food!” when we give her a meal. It’s so sweet! When she’s not recklessly playing with someone, she wants to cuddle and sing songs to Tara’s belly. Recently she stopped to ask the baby, “Um.. When you come out, do you wanna play play-doh with me? You can have a color, but not purple.”

Our Year in Numbers

46,000 visitors per month on evangelical websites we host
14,272 miles traveled
1200 youth committed or re-committed their lives to Christ at Bouge Ta France
28 classmates for Lydia
19 houses looked at
12 overnight visitors this year
Dozens of spiritual conversations
10-year anniversary
6 years since we moved to France
4th birthday for Lydia
4 nights away from the kids (thanks, grandparents!)
3 times Trent has spoken at a camp or Bible study
2nd birthday for Rachel
1 trip to urgent care
0 barriers to Jesus

Thank you for your prayers and support!
Love, Trent, Tara, Lydia and Rachel

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Mark 8:35

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.