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aside from the booger-picking, she did well. (video from late April)


#1 Phillip Swift 2015-05-14 14:40
FANTASTIC ! I'm sure there were googers in Jesus's fact, he probably had a few himself.
#2 Phillip Swift 2015-05-16 16:15
My guess is he also had some boogers, but there isn't much written about him when he was one year that is why they aren't mentioned in the Bible! (I'm just sayin').
#3 Tara 2015-05-16 17:15
I'm guessing the second comment was really from mom?
#4 Sandy 2015-05-17 02:14
No, the second comment was also from your dad. I've got a stack of books ready to read with Lydia. She'll have her own library to choose books from while she's here and she can keep the ones that she likes best. My lap is ready to cuddle and read, and when I need to pee her grandpa can take over!
#5 Phillip Swift 2015-05-18 18:21
Pee long and hard, because you may not get her back! And, yes, that was my reply AFTER I proof read my poor spelling on your published blog (a little two late).
#6 Tara 2015-05-20 08:13
ohhhh I hope other people aren't deterred from commenting because of you two goofuses. :o

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