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Or is it a Quiz-ia?

In light of her 17 months, here are 17 questions about Lydia.  I don't expect you to know these...the Wiglet is SO goofy... just have fun with it!  Copy/paste the questions into the comments, and leave your responses.  In 4 or 5 days I'll post the answers.  GOOD LUCK!!


What song does she want to sing when she says/does...

1. "ginga ginga"

2. "ehbow"

3. "baa baa yesh"

4. "aaybee"

5. fingertips all touching

6. hands together behind back

What action does she want to do when she says/does... 

7. "batch"

8. "wush"

9. "mump"

10. "goggle"

11. slaps my back with both hands

What food does she want when she says...

12. "meymey" 

13. "toh tohhh" (she says it in a whisper)

14. "ung" 

What object is she talking about when she says...

15. "moom" 

16. "guckee" (hint: near bedtime)

17. "dackdee" (hint: think farm)


Two bonus points (just cause they're funny!):  "neenee" and "bockee"  (two vegetables)

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